Friday, May 2, 2008

oh noes!!1

I put up photos from my brothers wedding on another blog located @

Here are some photos from our trip to Houston this past weekend...along with some photos of when we took the dogs to the dog park as soon as we got back to Austin. It was cold, windy, rainy and very funny. Brazos is an ass.

Amelia is an official junior zoo keeper at the Houston Zoo.

Amelia has a mustache already, but this is ridiculous!

Oh, Brazos biting Hank? No way!

I have no idea how Brazos' legs are like that. and that tail!

Amelia taunts a snake inside the Houston Zoo.

We went to a few museums in Houston. One of the coolest exhibits was made up of Aztec artifacts. I broke all the rules taking this photograph.

Russ might have broke this stroller that was found in the near empty parking lot. I was secretly hoping there was a baby mess he would sit on...

Hank out running Brazos for a split second.

Hank getting his revenge. I believe their heads collided....

Hank drying off. He has so much extra skin all over his body...He looks like he is made of putty when he shakes off...

Flying tackle. +3

Brazos still picks on him, but it won't last that much longer...

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