Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Missouri, Miami, Seattle, Fredericksburg, Austin

Sarah takes the wheel as Mitch looks over the ticket she just got on the way to Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, Texas....63mph in a 50. Do you know why I pulled you over? (photos by Austin Photographer Patrick Meredith www.meredith-photo.com )

I think I've spent more time in a car this last week than I have the entire year...........Some photos from our trip to Missouri/Oklahoma and to Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, Texas.

Mitch looks over the park from some giant boulders we climbed up on Enchanted Rock.

Mitch jumps from one boulder to the next. Nothing like a big gap and a 30 foot drop...

We scrambled up the side of some steep rocks to get to the highest point on a set of rocks only to get to the top and see people using ropes to climb up. Looks like so much fun.

We went into the 'cave' at Enchanted Rock and it wasn't that exciting. There was some cool light shafts that could yield some interesting shots if you were there at the right time...

Hank loves the hell out of his Christmas present. Brazos got one as well...

Christmas lights in Johnson City, Texas

If only I was a giant...squish!

A photo from my seat on the plane on the return flight from Seattle to Denver a couple weeks ago. Mt. Rainer out there....So nice. I put my website address in there because I posted this photo on my Flickr account, where my photos always get stolen. I took everything off that people may want to steal...I think anyhow..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naked man with sword pleads not guilty!

So I was cruising the Statesman online before checking the weather and saw THIS STORY that I photographed while working at the Williamson County Sun.
The photos were never published and the editor didn't think the story warranted any photo coverage.

Here is one photo that I took from the incident and HERE is where I blogged about it in August.

David Thistle lays face down covered by his shirt after being apprehended by Williamson County Sheriffs after he stripped naked and wielded a sword inside the county courthouse in January.

Back in Austin!

Amelia and I just got back from Washington last night after spending a few days up there with her family. I can't wait to go back and photograph the mountains...I had to hold my breath and photograph them from a moving car...but that is pretty easy when her family lives right underneath them...more to come
As a matter of fact, one of her brothers, Brady, lives so close them that I shot this with a Nikon 85mm @ f4 in monochrome mode while driving to his house. The rain gave way to some fog, covering most of the hills...Everyone there says it is an everyday experience and thought it was funny I was so interested in it. Coming from Austin, it is a 180 degree change. Driving in last night all I kept thinking was, "Man, this town is boring..." ha!