Sunday, November 16, 2008

High School football...

It has been a somewhat busy time for myself taking photos here in Austin. I've got a couple projects underway and have been shooting football regularly for a couple publications here in central Texas.
As it happens to go, I didn't have an assignment to shoot Austin High's bi-district playoff game on Saturday, but I really wanted to see if the kids could keep it together for the win over Reagen at House Park.

After halftime, I climbed to the top of the press box to shoot the action from above. The sun was pretty great towards the end of the game, casting some long shadows around. It was pretty tough getting to the top of the box...The stadium was built in 1938 and I don't think the ladder has been changed since then either.

The only problem with shooting from above was the fact that I couldn't always get the face in the shot. This could have been cool....An 'almost'

Austin High ended up losing the game 20-24. It has to be tough to walk off the field for the last time as a senior, knowing you won't be playing again next season...Jay Janner, who works for the Austin American Statesman, shot some good photos of the kids outside of the locker room after I took this...Check out his blog titled "City Limits" in the upper right corner...

I wish all the games I shot were in the daylight like the ones above, but I've been shooting Thursday and Friday nights as well. Here are a few photos that I enjoyed from the last few games...

Llano vs. Bowie - Just out of reach

Liberty Hill vs. Westlake - Not enough

Christopher Koepnick, a sophmore at Bowie High School, prepares the flags as other members of the Bowie AFJ ROTC ready themselves before the start of the Bowie Bulldogs class 5A bi-district playoff against San Antonio Madison.

Bowie vs. Llano - Season end

Butter fingers



And check this out. The picture isn't great or worth printing...But what is worth noting is that I was in the opposite endzone shooting with a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 300mm 2.8 when I shot this. That is over 120 yards away...How about that for some resolution? I'm still amazed by this new technology nearly every time I pick up this camera.
And I'm over 50,000 shutter clicks on this D300. I got it 372 days ago! That is roughly 130 frames a day!

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