Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some recent photos

Josh ,a fellow Austin photog, brought out some big guns for a small photo shoot inside a little warehouse/parking garage in Austin last night.

Check out this rig! A 20x20 silk with six Alien Bees packing some by Austin Photographer Patrick Meredith

James was nice enough to park his Mini underneath for the first test run...It looked so small underneath the silk...

After setting up the rig and positioning the lights, we all took turns shooting the cars from different angles, moving the lights around a bit. Josh, the knee pads guy (can't remember your name...Doh!) and myself stayed for a little over four hours...My feet were defiantly sore by the end of the night

Everyone, except Nutter in the background, chimps from Josh as he fires away.

Interior of the Mini. I had never seen the inside of one of these cars and it was pretty cool!

After the Mini, we shot a BMW that wasn't much bigger than the Cooper. I should have pulled my truck underneath to get a nice photo of that big dent on my tail gate..

I also had the opportunity to shoot a portrait of a nice fellow over at Reagen High School here in Austin. The kid, a sophomore, is seven inches taller than me and can dunk. I don't think ANYONE at my high school could dunk...

I used a simple four light setup for this shot. One light in a silver umbrella directly right of me as key, one to his left that was snooted and pointed towards his shoulder, one to his right that was aimed at his shoulder/the ball and one up really high on a stand, snooted, pointing at the basket.
I got just a bit of spill on the background and killed it off with a slight levels adjust in post. An easy fix, but even easier if I had just flagged one of the flashes a bit better.

Till next time!


Dany Gtz said...

Those Mini's are amazing.
Congrats on the details.
Patrick, I called your phone number today. I was not able to reach you. I'm in Monterrey right now but will be in Austin next week. I'll give you my e-mail address to see if we can meet:


Daniel Berman said...

Nice work Patrick -- keep it up!