Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Recent stuff

I know I know...I haven't shot any bmx in about a month. I simply haven't been motivated to get it done. Lugging all the equipment around kills me. I did get a package from a fellow over at RideBMX that has given me some inspiration. So hopefully new shots soon. Jamie is moving here on the 15th, so that will defiantly help. No bmx, but this is what I have been shooting this past month. Some fun stuff and some fun work stuff. I shoot 3 portraits and a football practice tomorrow morning! sweet!

My Nikon F4 w/MB21 with my Nikkor 300mm 2.8 inside the studio. I've been shooting a little film now and again. I just spend $50 getting it developed anyway. I sold my medium format system for a Nikon 85mm and a couple more flashes. I regret it now though. Got rid of my darkroom a month or so ago as well. I miss it, even though I rarely used it.

MMMMM....one of my most favorite cereals inside my studio. mmmmm

I shot some food from Trudy's for the Austin American Statesman's XL magazine. Soooo good. Trudy's has the best mexican martinis in Austin. Hands down.

I recently got some umbrellas and have been shooting the dogs a lot with them...practicing. This is Hank. About 6 months old...

I shot some interiors for the Austin American Statesman homes section. Pretty wild stuff. It was a lot of fun and pretty difficult. The house was so dark...I'll give you a cookie if you can tell me where I had my four wireless flashes at. One is very obvious....

I shot a feature for the Austin American Statesman the other day about a house in the Crestview neighborhood that was built in the 50's and the original owners just sold it to the parents of the kids in the photo. When they built the house, they were the only family around for a few miles. Fields all around. Crazy to think about that now. The house (and the lady who sold it) is featured on a mural down the road as well.... A fun little story...
Hank being lazy on the couch after a day at the dog park.
I covered the Onion Creek Classic / Hooters Pro Golf Tour for the Austin American Statesman the other day. Pretty fun chasing guys around on foot. The winner won by one stroke in a playoff on the 18th hole.
Hayes Carll played at Threadgills in downtown Austin the other night. Good music, times and friends.
Hank laying at Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas at Lady Bird Lake. It was such a nice day. A nice day for a B&W photo anyway. Hot as all heck...(click it for a better, bigger view)
I covered these two guys for the Austin American Statesman the other day. The older gentleman is a baseball fanatic who lives in San Antonio and the guy throwing the pitch is a former MLB pitcher. The two make an interesting pair because the former pitcher is helping the older gentleman with his ball game, and the professor is helping the former star with the transition into a regular citizens life.

I've been going to the dog park a lot. Watching the dogs run around in circles in the heat. Pretty funny really. Brazos likes to terrorize Hank still...Hank is almost as tall as Braz, so it won't last much longer....

I covered a hula-hoop club for the Austin American Statesman a couple weeks ago. A bunch of people get together every week to hula-hoop in the park. Pretty strange, but a good bunch of hippies.

I also got a set of umbrellas that I've been playing with. Brazos on his chair after a day at the dog park. He is pretty lazy around the house unless there is someone knocking on the door or there is a fly buzzing around in the window...

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