Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some old stuff

I've had the opportunity to shoot a number of football games, practices and portraits over the last few months, but I haven't really uploaded much of anything here. Until now. Here is a small glimpse of what I've been doing every Thursday/Friday night.

If you've been following high school football in Texas, then you know who this Lake Travis quarterback is. He is already signed up to play at the University of Texas. Photos by Austin Photographer Patrick Meredith

I posted the frame before this one a while ago but upon closer inspection, I found this frame, which captures the peak action of the toss. I'm a fan of this picture. I really like the hands shooting up from the bottom of the frame.

House Park in Austin has some terrible light. When I say terrible, I mean ok. I have been to worse (think Liberty Hill or Granger) but it could be better. They just put in new turf but left the same lights that have been up since the 60's....

Since it is in downtown Austin, there are some pretty cool views to be had at House Park. The Frost Tower making an appearance.

Before the start of the Georgetown vs. Stony Point game. It was kind of cool seeing the GT guys play again. I hadn't seen any of the coaches or parents since leaving my position at the GT newspaper. I'm surprised at how many people said hello and recognized me.

The lights at Dragon Stadium aren't shabby.

Stony Point kids take it one notch above all the others. Always lots of paint, signs and noise makers.

One of the few games that actually started with some day light left. A.C. Bible Stadium in Leander has some great light in between the 25 yard lines, but the end zones are black holes.

Georgetown almost knocked off Stony Point, but had a hard time against their defense.

I've had 4 name busts since 2003. I can tell you every picture and what was happening in each one. I can even remember editing them. No more.

I also got some extension tubes for some macro work. It is pretty cool what just one will do to my 60mm macro lens. These ants were TINY! I think two of them could have fit on a grain of rice.

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