Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday Night Football

I had a blast shooting some high school football last night over in House Park in Austin. Although it took me 10 minutes (literally) to convince the guy at the door I wasn't a terrorist bent on destroying the stadium (literally), I got inside. I guess I need to shave...

Anyhow, I've been running into Jim Redman from MaxPreps a lot these days. Seems we almost have the same schedule on Friday nights. Jim is a super nice guy and always lets me complain to him about how bad the light is. At least he nods his head. 8)

I was running late last night as the game started at 7, 30 minutes earlier than it usually does. I usually try to get there at least an hour/45 minutes early to get my rosters, set up and take some photos in the nice afternoon light. I got there with 30 minutes to kickoff last night and had to spend 10 minutes at the door...I felt so rushed. I've got a photo in my head I want to get and I didn't have the time to nab it this time. There was a Chevy Prep Ticket photog that showed up at 7:30, mumbling he forgot Thursday games started early.

You can check out complete coverage from the game (with 14 more photos) over at in the High School Football section.
Photo by Austin Photographer Patrick Meredith

I've got a game in Hutto tonight as well. I've got my fingers crossed! Now to the pump track for some bicycle action....

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