Friday, September 5, 2008

Cory Branan @ the Cactus Cafe

I barely made it in time to watch Cory Branan play his first show here in town since moving here about 3 months ago....I really wish more people could have made it out...God knows they should have.
Amelia was at work until 11p.m.....So she missed the entire set. I had to leave early so I could let the dogs out and feed them...Stupid spoiled dogs...
Once again, CB did not disappoint. The opening act was very good as well. I can't remember the guys name for the life of me now...Maybe someone could fill me in?

I also realized that the Cactus Cafe is one of the darkest venues I've been to...But it isn't all bad I guess. I like how the flood light on the upper left lights up the red background...But a red light shines from the upper right...You can't win them all. I used the D300 with a Nikon 85mm 1.8. Shot mostly at f2 @ ISO 2000.

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