Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh boy...

Let the fun begin! My partner in crime left for Colorado this morning and won't be back until my birthday on Sunday night...What to do what to do........I'm going to concentrate on not starving to death first.
Speaking of starving to death, here is one of those cheeseburger photos I was talking about the other day....mmmmmmmm

Hill-Bert's is pretty awesome.

I also got a new frame yesterday. I'm pretty stoked. Here are some quick photos. It has a custom paint job from one of the bike company owners and I'm going to leave it on there for the time being.... And man, I know how to make a bike look ugly...

Because I know you care -
  • Frame: The Take - Ivy
  • Wheels - (r)Odyssey lite Cassette 48h (f) stock Odyssey Lite 36h
  • Cranks - Profile
  • Sprocket - Tree 30t
  • Forks - Odyssey Race
  • Seat - (ugly) Shadow
  • Brakes - Hombre!
  • Bars - Liquor Bikes
  • Stem - Super Rat (prototype?)
  • Pedals - Odyssey plastic
  • Grips - ODI Longnecks (forever)
  • Tires - (r) Animal GLH (f) Odyssey Dirt Path (plite!)
  • Pegs - T1


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aaron said...

dude, your bike is so perfect. looks a bit like mine. dirty gross and loved! right on!