Monday, September 22, 2008

CB and Smith to hard 180s

So I took a few photos of a double bacon cheeseburger for the paper today...Then I had one.

And now an oldie of Dusty at Ramp Ranch in Liberty Hill.

Dusty - Smith to hard 180 at Ramp Ranch - Photo by Austin Photographer Patrick Meredith

I've gotten lots of compliments on this photo via my flickr account asking how I did it. It was pretty simple really. This was all done in camera with one flash. I mounted a Nikon SB80dx on my D300, strapped on a 10.5mm fisheye and set my camera to capture 5 exposures on one frame. I set my flash on TTL mode and found the correct exposure for the scene. ( I can't remember what it was now) I then dialed in the aperture to throw my background dark and fired away when he was jumping, grinding in the smith, and the 180 and rollback. I wanted to focus on him doing the 180 to fakie, so I fired the last few frames as he was doing it. I set the camera up to single frame mode so I wouldn't accidently fire two frames and ruining the shot.
Easy as pie. Now if I could just figure out how to shoot trails.....

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