Saturday, September 13, 2008

D2H still produces

Brazos and Hank fight over a stick. D2H, Nikon 300mm 2.8

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It is very easy to dismiss old technology as being worthless. For the most part, my old d2h doesn't see a lot of use. I carry it as a second body on every shoot and put a wide or mid-zoom on it while I shoot with another lens on my primary body. While the noise in higher ISOs is unacceptable for printing (but works 'ok' in newsprint), the camera is still producing great images at lower ISOs without killing memory space on my computer...Not to mention the AF spins my non AFS lenses much faster than my D300 does.

I've read posts on about a couple of billboards that were printed using RAW files from a D2H (I believe it was a photo of Lebron James actually)...but the biggest printing I have done from a d2h file was roughly 16x15...almost a big square. It looked very good at the time...I was coming from a D1H (and a D1 before that).
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Anyhow, I'm seeing these things go for less than $600 on some websites (used) and it kind of blows me away. I remember I paid almost $3,000 for my D1H years ago..and it was used! I remember eating ramen noodles for well over a year saving up for that camera. The D1X, however, was a dream that no noodles could match. I remember drooling over that X body...

All this being said, I sold one of my older D2H about 2 years ago and my D2Hs (s model that is) about a year ago today to grab my current camera. I kept my nicer D2H to do my dirty work...On the beach, at the dog park and bouncing around when I'm out riding bikes.

Sure it is 'obsolete' but it still takes good photos.....just like when it was introduced in early 2003. I never could get the wireless transmitter to work worth a damn though...

The neighbors dog in his pool splashing around. D2H, Nikon 300mm 2.8

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